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River Phoenix through his work

Note to a fan - River through his work - in his own words

Since I already took a page to express myself,
it seemed to be an appropriate way to remember River
to let his work speak for him,
and associate some of his movies with excerpts of his songs.

Hear say hear now, I've heard you've found
There's more across the way
Now the other side can look so nice
Until you've heard this myth won't wash away
I've heard there's more in altered land
No rocks, no tools, no stepping stones

(lyrics from "Across the Way", picture from "Stand by Me")

Stand By Me

The Mosquito Coast You see, they don't need our
language to know we've sold them
down the river
and franchised our own souls.

(lyrics from "Curi Curi", picture from "The Mosquito Coast")

It was just beautiful, the things I learned,
through pain and through misunderstanding,
and through being displaced...

(words from a poem -I think-, picture from "Running on Empty")

Running on Empty

Indiana Jones And all the gold in the world leaves you cold
if it did not come from your own hands
You might as well buy this touch
your own way to that promised land

(lyrics from "Goldmine", picture from "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade")

My days are heavy
On the inside of my night
My gaze falls heavy
On the inside of your denial

Better they come, better days come

(lyrics from "Note to a friend", picture from "My Own Private Idaho")

My Own Private Idaho

Dogfight I lost my real reason
I was scared
Taste was real

There were too many colors
Somehow we get trapped in
too unlikely straight-jackets

(lyrics from "Too Many Colors", picture from "Dogfight")

If I could draw a conclusion here
I'd say that the end is near...

This is not the way
I want to see your face
And this change could be
The death of you and me

(lyrics from "Blue Period", picture from "Sneakers")


The Thing Called Love The more I hurt, the less I feel
The more I know, the less I rest in this
lone star state of mind

(lyrics from "Lone Star State of Mind", picture from "The Thing Called Love")

In a boxcar hides an orphan
Seeking shelter, nothing more
Gliding now tracks lay before him
Leading him to distant shore.

(lyrics from "Betraying Mother", picture from "Silent Tongue")

Silent Tongue

All these lyrics have been found through two sites, where you can find them complete :
the River Phoenix Pages - new URL and Aleka's Attic ( a site dedicated to River's band )

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