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Armand River Phoenix

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It is not merely that I paint from him, draw from him, sketch from him. Of course I have done all that.
But he is much more to me than a model or a sitter. [... ]
I know that the work I have done, since I met [him], is good work, is the best work of my life.
But in some curious way - I wonder will you understand me? - his personality has suggested to me
an entirely new manner in art, an entirely new mode of style.
I see things differently, I think of them differently. I can now re-create life in a way that was hidden to me before.

(a painter in Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde)
Actually the closest description I ever found of what I call a Soulcatcher, and of the particuliar effect these two persons have on me.

Though, for the balance, I also agree that... :

" There is no such thing as a good influence, Mr Gray. All influence is immoral immoral from the scientific point of view. [...]
Because to influence a person is to give him one's own soul. He does not think his natural thoughts, or burn his natural passions. [...]
He becomes an echo of someone else's music, an actor of a part that has not been written for him. The aim of life is self-development."

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